Ronnie Mayanja, Director & Partner

SOREEL MAYAS GraFX, LLC is a Ugandan registered Digital Media Solutions Company.

At Soreel-Mayas, we believe that every great achievement begins with a dream. We bring your vision to life through interactive animations, vibrant imagery and special effects. We guarantee a superior, high definition product aimed for television, multimedia presentations, magazines, websites, product presentations and all related marketing needs.

Soreel-Mayas offers 20+ years of professional expertise in Art and Visual Technology, Public Relations and Integrated Communications.

Our goal is to enhance your integrated communication by helping you visualize ideas that will become reality in the immediate future. We strive to simplify your needs by utilizing the latest digital effects and cinematic simulations. We create attention-grabbing concepts using cutting edge digital media solutions.

Services Offered:

Architectural visualization | Illustration | Industrial design I 3D Animation | Video Production I Integrated Communications.


Our objective is to utilize the latest digital solutions and expertise in Public Relations, art and visual technology to transform your ideas into striking concepts, that market your products effectively and impact peoples lives positively.


Where We Are Going
To become a multi culturally integrated communications company that supports global world missions in feeding and caring for the impoverished.

Films In Production ~ “Galiwango, Obulamu Bw’ekisodde”

Solomon W. Jagwe, CD, TD Galiwango Film Director

Soreel Mayas GraFX is proud to bring you the first ever Luganda 3D Animated Film, geared towards the conservation of the last remaining mountain gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda and the DRC.

Our Goal is to raise awareness to the plight of the mountain gorillas and the hard work done by the Wildlife Game Rangers. Find our more about the film on this website: http://www.galiwango.com

“Galiwango, Obulamu Bw’ekisodde” is a UNEP endorsed conservation film and is supported by the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Greater Virunga Transboundary Secretariat. Read the Full UNEP Endorsement here: http://www.yog2009.org/index.php?limitstart=15

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